Each year hundreds of teens drop out of school because of substance abuse. Others have issues which lead to suspension or they are expelled. Students are coming to school with vodka in water bottles, over-the-counter drugs in their purses, or under the influence of psych drugs they get from friends.

They need care, guidance and understanding. Our goal is to help teens and their families deal with these challenges, which are increasingly common in our schools. The Early Intervention Team has resources and experience to deal with these sensitive matters in the schools. Our Team members are highly qualified to provide substance abuse awareness presentations in the classrooms and assemblies, while also providing tools and resources for students, faculty and parents.

Early Intervention Team is made up of volunteers, professionals, teens and parents in recovery. Serving schools in our communities for over 15 years. Our costs are offset by your contributions. Our program is made possible through the generosity of the parents, faculty, community members and your local Rotary Club. Donations are very much appreciated.

Some of our kids are getting intoxicated before school or during the break. They are passing out in the classroom and in the bathrooms. The school faculty has the responsibility of dealing with these issues, for which they are frequently not prepared. Most often these teens are crying out for help.

To request student presentations, parent forums and staff in-services, please contact us.